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 A targeted ‘lighting & control assessment’ will identify and provide opportunities to reap three primary things:

Energy Savings:

Lighting generally presents the ‘low-hanging fruit’ of energy efficiency upgrades, as improvements often yield fast ‘pay-back' and substantial ‘Return on Investment’.  Occupancy & Timed ‘Off-Sweeps’, Manual Dimming, Daylight Harvesting and other control strategies can add further energy savings, while improving the overall value of the space in your building.


Prolonged Lighting System Life-Span & Reduced Maintenance:

Many obsolete lighting technologies involve various components that have limited life-spans and require routine maintenance to replace parts (i.e. incandescent lamps, fluorescent tubes & ballasts, etc).  West PA Systems focuses on the integration of high-efficiency LED’s and controls that allow them to run at low-levels or shut them off entirely when they are not needed, thus creating a system with longevity and minimal need for maintenance over that long life-span.


Visual Aesthetic Improvement:

Are you selling Cars, operating a Grocery Store, managing a production line, or creating an environment that appeals to your clientele? Inadequate and unsightly lighting can affect Sales, Productivity and your Customer/Client’s overall experience.  We take design into account when assessing your lighting system, to ensure that your lighting is not only energy efficient & lasts for a long-time, but it also looks great and adds value to your business!