Whether it is inside or outside, the key to attaining an attractive lighting installation is to pay attention to DESIGN, as well as installation and maintenance.  Whether you are considering interior lighting in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bath ....exterior lighting for the building facade, landscape, driveways/pathways ...or anything in between; West PA Systems can deliver a design including fixture/control/wiring layouts, proposal drawings & cost-estimates.  Our design costs can be wrapped into a single-charge, or even rolled into the price of the whole installation, to deliver a 'turn-key' solution that is custom-tailored to your interests, while making the entire process as smooth and seamless as possible!


Here are some questions that we use to begin any lighting design project:


1.     What is the desired overall aesthetic effect of your lighting?

Some examples would be: Would you like to set moods in the living room?  …brighten up the kitchen with accent lighting?  …add security and driveway/parking lighting in front of the house?  

The answers to these questions create the foundation from which all other lighting design elements build upon.


2.   What is your budget?

When it comes to lighting equipment and installation, there are a host of options that spread across many price-points.  

Obviously, the 'look' of a lighting fixture is very important, as well as its overall performance.  However, there are other factors that can affect the overall price of an installation, including the associated labor & electrical materials that different kinds of lighting installations require, and, as well as component life-span and associated maintenance... we consider all of these factors when designing your lighting project.


           Did you know...?

                    ...Low-voltage exterior lighting can decrease installation labor and material costs dramatically, while also creating a ‘safer’ outdoor environment for you, your family and your pets?

                    ...LED lamps & fixtures not only consume less energy and produce more light than incandescent & fluorescent lighting, but they also last MUCH longer... decreasing their associated costs & maintenance over their life-span!


3.     What kind of control would you like for this lighting?

Lighting control ranges from standard single-pole switches & dimmers, to wireless App control from a mobile device, fully automated building controls with sensors, time-of-day and a myriad of different control schemes.  These systems can also be integrated into controls for Heating & Cooling, Audio & Video, Security and much more.  Though this technology is developing at an unprecedented rate, West PA Systems has a great deal of experience and knowledge in designing and commissioning lighting controls for a broad variety of installations.  We now bring those skills and knowledge in design to you, the homeowner.

Give us a call today, and let’s start designing your next lighting project!